Seeking a Scuba Mask


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Scuba Mask

In his role as founder and CEO of Galloway, New Jersey-based 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, Brian Petruzzi maintains direct responsibility for managing the restaurant’s culinary and marketing operations. A fan of outdoor recreation, Brian Petruzzi enjoys scuba diving at various marine locations throughout New Jersey.

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment for a scuba diver is the mask. They come in various shapes and sizes and there are several factors that determine whether or not a certain mask is best for your scuba setup. Here are some ways you can test a mask to see if it’s right for you.

Most importantly, the seal on the mask should be watertight. Tilt your head so that you are looking straight up and put the mask on. It should fit evenly against the skin without the strap. Then add the regulator and reassess if gaps are present.

With the regulator in place, put your head in a normal, forward-looking posture and take a gentle nose breath. A good-fitting mask will form a seal against the face when this happens. If all these tests have gone positively and you still have access to the nose pocket–used to equalize the ears–then it’s the right mask.