Atlantic City Rescue Mission Looking for Help Purchasing New Ovens


Atlantic City Rescue Mission pic

Atlantic City Rescue Mission

Holding a bachelor of arts in marketing and business administration from Richard Stockton University of New Jersey, Brian Petruzzi has served as the CEO and founder of 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Galloway, New Jersey, for the past three years. Outside of his work as an entrepreneur and business owner, Brian Petruzzi supports the efforts of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

During the spring and summer months of 2017, the Atlantic City Rescue Mission called upon its supporters to help the organization with the purchase of new ovens and other updates to its kitchen facilities, something officials say they desperately need to keep up with the demand of providing meals to people in the area who are homeless and less fortunate. According to the director of development, Howard Hirsch, the mission helps provide food to more than 500 people each day.

The estimated cost of the new ovens and the renovation comes in at around half a million dollars, according to Hirsch. Only two of the mission’s eight ovens are currently operational, and even those don’t work when they are set below 400 degrees. The mission hopes it can bring in enough money over the year through fundraising activities to cover the cost, but Hirsch says any donation will be helpful.