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The Work Readiness Program at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission


Atlantic City Rescue Mission pic

Atlantic City Rescue Mission

With a bachelor of arts in marketing and business administration, Brian Petruzzi became the CEO and founder of 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Galloway, New Jersey in 2014. In this capacity, he oversees the daily operations of the business and implements social media marketing for corporate and franchise locations. In spite of his busy schedule, Brian Petruzzi also finds time to support charitable ventures, including the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission strives to meet the needs of the disadvantaged in the community by providing food, shelter, clothing, and counseling. The organization also offers programs to help homeless people and those recovering from addiction to get back on their feet. One such program is the Work Readiness Program. Those who have been unemployed for a long period of time often have more difficulty finding work, so the Work Readiness Program was instituted to allow them to work for 120 days in the Mission doing various jobs such as cooking, cleaning, or office work.

There are also daily classes set up for Bible study, learning life skills, and managing money. After completing the program, graduates may move on to transitional housing and other employment or other programs offered by the Mission.

Distinctive Places to Scuba Dive in New Jersey

Deauville Inn docks pic

Deauville Inn docks

As the founder and CEO of 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Galloway, New Jersey, Brian Petruzzi oversees culinary and marketing operations. He is also responsible for the company’s expansion into other parts of New Jersey and into Connecticut and California. In his spare time, Brian Petruzzi enjoys various hobbies, including snorkeling and scuba diving.

Listed below are some distinctive places to scuba dive on the Jersey Shore.

1. Located in Monmouth County, The Manasquan Jetties are an ideal area for divers since crabs, blackfish, striped bass, and lobster are abundant. The Manasquan Inlet is also good for underwater photography. Additionally, divers will be able to find relics of wrecks from small boats that have run aground over the years.

2. The Deauville Inn docks are located in Strathmere, Cape May County. Named for the restaurant near Corson’s Inlet, the area is known as a great place to recover bottles dating from the mid-19th century to the prohibition era. Many divers have also found jewelry and coins along with an abundance of marine life.

3. Also in Monmouth County, the Western World Shipwreck, or the Spring Lake Wreck, is a British sailing ship from 1853. The ship ran aground while journeying from Liverpool, and the wreckage was not discovered until the early 1960s. Divers can get permission to see the wreck from the Spring Lake chief of police.

Atlantic City Rescue Mission’s Work Readiness Program

Atlantic City Rescue Mission pic

Atlantic City Rescue Mission

Since 2014, Brian Petruzzi has been serving as founder and chief executive officer of 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria Franchise, a company located in Galloway, New Jersey. During his free time, Brian Petruzzi is involved in charitable activities and is an active supporter of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

Established in 1964, Atlantic City Rescue Mission has grown to become the largest shelter that serves homeless people in Southern New Jersey. With the magnanimous support of several generous individuals, the rescue mission has been able to set up comprehensive services that deal with community problems.

One of these services is the work readiness program. In addition to providing shelter, Atlantic City Rescue Mission also helps its guests who have been out of the workforce for some time prepare for finding employment. For a period of 120 days, those within this program will be assigned to work a shift in the mission for six days a week, performing tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and office work, among others. Moreover, guests are asked to attend classes on life skills and financial management. Those who complete the program will take part in a graduation program and will be referred to employment, transitional housing, or HOPE (Homelessness Overcome through Programmed Employment).

Atlantic City Rescue Mission – Helping Those in Need

Atlantic City Rescue Mission pic

Atlantic City Rescue Mission

Successful New Jersey-based entrepreneur Brian Petruzzi has founded five different businesses, his most recent the franchise pizza restaurant 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria. When Brian Petruzzi is not overseeing operations of 1000 Degrees, he gives back to his community by supporting the Atlantic City Rescue Mission (ACRM).

Founded in 1964 by John Fink, the ACRM began its work by providing hot food and shelter for a few men from a small storefront in Atlantic City. In 1975, a women’s shelter paralleling the men’s program was opened, and in 1990, the Bacharach Boulevard facility was expanded to accommodate 312 people. Over this time, the mission has added and enlarged programs to meet the growing and changing needs of those served from the Atlantic City area. Just some of the challenges these programs help people deal with are abuse issues, worker readiness preparation, and psychological issues.

Today, ACRM helps over 3,300 people in need per year, making it the largest provider of comprehensive services to individuals in New Jersey who are without a home.

New 1000 Degrees Pizza Location Opens in Gilbert Arizona


1000 Degrees Pizaa pic

1000 Degrees Pizaa

New Jersey-based Brian Petruzzi is a serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of fast growing 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, which is built on a franchise business model. Brian Petruzzi’s company opened another new store in SanTan Village, Gilbert, Arizona, in June 2016.

This is the second 1000 Degrees location to open in Arizona, the first being located in the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center. The two locations are operated by Randy and Ban Kassab of Capital Pizza Ventures. The group is planning to open another location by 2017.

Pizzas at 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria locations can be customized with guests able to select from over 50 top quality sauces, cheeses, vegetables, meats and other toppings, all for a fixed price. Patrons also have the luxury of pizza consultants who offer advice on how to make the best one-of-a-kind pizza.

If you’re not in the mood to create your own pizza, there is also the option of choosing from over 12 different specialty pizzas which include popular choices such as the Barbecue Bourbon Chicken pizza.